Our Vision:
A hunger-free Arizona.
Our Mission:
Develop solutions to end hunger through food banking, public policy and innovation.





What We Do

In 1983 AzFBN was created from the initial Maricopa County Emergency Food Coordination Project and since then we have maintained the goal of ending hunger in Arizona. Throughout our history we have developed and grown several programs that assists in supporting our member food banks as well as all Arizona hunger relief efforts. Through these programs we collaborate with food banks, government agencies, community organizations, schools and various other partners to establish a unified focus on creating a hunger-free Arizona.  

How AzFBN addresses hunger at a glance. 

Advocacy & Education
AzFBN spearheads advocacy and public policy efforts in Arizona and nationwide in collaboration with other organizations. Our most recent advocacy efforts included support of Child Nutrition Reauthorization, minimizing state budget cuts that would impact vulnerable populations and fighting for the removal of the fingerprint imaging requirement for SNAP and TANF.

Supporting Food Banks
We support our food banks through various initiatives such as transportation services, bulk food purchasing and hosting an annual conference for information sharing. Through these projects we have transported over 974 million pound of food to food banks.  

Childhood Hunger
Currently 1 in 4 children in Arizona don't know where their next meal is coming from which impacts their ability to learn and be successful. Through partnerships with schools and various organizations, AzFBN helps to promote programs which provide meals to children through various programs such as Summer Food Service and School Meals. 

Hunger Awareness
AzFBN strives to support programs and efforts that will end hunger in Arizona. Through our awareness efforts we have launched campaigns, such as #ImagineaSolution, to ensure the causes and impacts of hunger are well known.  We also will facilitate research on certain aspects of hunger to help understand how programs can improve supporting those in need. Two key reports generated through the Congressional Research Fellow was Advancing Equity within the Emergency Food Provider Network in Maricopa County and Closing the Gap - Enhancing the Client Experience at Food Banks. 

Food Bank Directory & Hotline
We maintain the largest database of emergency food options (food banks, pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and others that distribute emergency food) in Arizona. This assists those in need in finding a nearby food bank. It can also support those looking to donate food or volunteer.  In addition, we operate a hotline to assist those that may not have internet access in searching our directory.  Search our directory

Disaster Coordination
To support in statewide coordination during disaster situations, we are a member of Arizona Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster