Hunger In America 2010

The fourth nationwide quadrenniel survey has just been conducted by Feeding America.  In order to address the problem of hunger, first we must understand it.  To that end, Hunger in America 2010, the largest study of domestic hunger ever conducted, provides an in-depth look at who is in need, how the need is met, and by whom.

Hunger in America 2010 Report

Compiled from interviews conducted February-June 2009, the Hunger in America 2010 report was released on February 2, 2010.  Below you will find the full Arizona report along with Summary Highlights, the full National report and the National Executive Summary.  A big thank you to all clients and agencies who participated in the Hunger in America study throughout Arizona.
Watch the video below featuring AAFB president and CEO Ginny Hildebrand and United Food Bank CEO Bob Evans discussing the Hunger in America 2010 report.

Hunger in America 2006 Report

Below are the results from the Hunger in America 2006 report, including the Summary and full Arizona Reports, and the National Report Highlights and Executive Summary.