Arizona Statewide Gleaning Project

Putting an end to wasted food by giving it back to our communities


Since 1980, food banks have individually been participating in "gleaning" - the rescuing and distribution of food that would otherwise go to waste. The Arizona Statewide Gleaning Project was established in 1993 when food banks joined forces to create a coordinated effort throughout Arizona. Through the collaborative efforts of these programs, the Gleaning Project has now rescued, transported and distributed more than 888 million pounds of food.

The success of the Gleaning Project is directly related to the collaboration and cooperation of a multitude of dedicated partners - beginning with State Department of Agriculture Inspectors identifying potential donors of surplus product, to State and County inmates providing free labor to harvest the product, to the food banks working together to solicit and distribute massive quantities of food to hungry Arizonans.

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Sylvia McKeever
Gleaning Logistics Manager |