Citrus Donations

How do I donate my excess citrus to food banks?
Arizona is known for growing an abundance of citrus and the food banks have been grateful recipients of significant donations throughout the years. The process to donate citrus will vary based on the food bank you are working with. At the below links you can find more information on contacting your local food bank for thier donation policy. 

All other food banks should be contacted directly to determine thier process for accept citrus donations. To find your closest food bank or pantry please utilize our Food Bank Directory for contact information. 

Arizona Quarantines

Two years ago, the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) quarantine caused St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance and United Food Bank to restrict the citrus donations they accept.

ACP is a tiny pest that can spread the citrus greening disease. This disease has the potential to kill orange, grapefruit, lemon and all types of citrus trees around the state however Arizona has not yet detected the citrus greening disease. The fruit produced by trees with ACP is completely safe to eat.

Additionally, Arizona is under another quarantine for the Sweet Orange Scab Disease.
Affected citrus is still good to eat and juice since Sweet Orange Scab Disease only affects how the citrus looks, not how it tastes or its nutritional value.

Where can I get more information about the quarantine?
Growers are encouraged to learn the specifics of the quarantine restrictions to determine the best way to handle their excess citrus.  More information can be found through the Arizona Department of Agriculture and Save Our Citrus.