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A Place At The Table Film, #EndHungerNow & Washington Keep Your Promise Campaigns & Advocacy Galore!


AAFB is pleased to join a wide variety of advocacy efforts this Spring designed to call attention to hunger in America.  You're invited too!

Please join us and advocates everywhere in support of Congressman Jim McGovern and his #EndHungerNow campaign.  On his page, you will find Congressman McGovern has multiple full videos of speeches he has made from the floor of Congress, download-able photos specially designed for Facebook, and all the latest news from his #EndHungerNow campaign.  All you have to do is help spread the word via social media and through your own personal networks!

AAFB has also joined forced with the New York City Coalition Against Hunger and other anti-hunger advocacy organizations in a National Anti-Hunger NetworkPolicy Campaign designed to persuade Congress and President Obama to keep their promise of ending child hunger by 2015.  This action coincides with the release of a ground-breaking new documentary feature film on hunger in America, A Place At The Table, which opens March 1.  Here is the press release:

Grass-Roots Groups Demand: “Washington, Keep Your Child Hunger Pledge”

Effort Links with March 1 Premier of Movie on Hunger: “A Place at the Table”

Grass-roots anti-hunger groups from coast-to-coast forged a new network and launched their first policy campaign -- ‘’Washington, Keep Your Hunger Pledge” -- aimed at persuading Congress and the President to work together to implement the public policies necessary to achieve President Obama’s pledge to end U.S. child hunger by 2015.

The network unveiled an online petition drive to enable individuals to send a message to the President and Congress to take concrete anti-hunger action now: https://www.nyccah.org/keepyourpromisetoourkids

Between 1999 and 2011, according to USDA, the number of children that lived in households that lacked sufficient food rose by 37 percent, from 12.1 million to 16.6 million. A staggering 1 in 5 U.S. children now live in food insecure homes, the highest level of child hunger in any developed Western country. Yet federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for all families, including for families with children, are set to be reduced on November 1st when a “hunger cliff” kicks in. On top of that, Congressional conservatives are seeking further cuts in federal child nutrition programs.

The movement is mobilizing around the release of a ground-breaking new film about hunger in America, A Place at the Table, opening March 1st. The film sheds light on the 50 million people in America who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Screenings of the film, followed by panel sessions with hunger experts, will be held across the nation before and after the release.

Members of the new network include: New York City Coalition Against Hunger; Utahns Against Hunger; Texas Food Bank Network; Association of Arizona Food Banks; End Hunger Connecticut!; Preble Street Maine Hunger Initiative; and Children’s Alliance Washington State.

“It is our goal that this grass roots, non-partisan movement will spread to all 50 states with the power to change the national conversation and decision making on hunger, nutrition and poverty in America,” said New York City Coalition Against Hunger Executive Director Joel Berg. “Ending child hunger by 2015 by ensuring that all families have access to nutritious, affordable food is an attainable goal, if we get enough Americans on board. I urge every American to take a moment to sign the petition and join us in ensuring that no child goes to sleep hungry. Just as this nation ended slavery and child labor, now is the time to end child hunger as a down payment on ending all U.S. hunger.”

“No superpower in the history of the world that has failed to feed its own children has remained a superpower. Child hunger in the world’s wealthiest nation is not only morally unacceptable, it costs the U.S. economy at least $28 billion per year because poorly nourished children perform less well in school and require far more long-term health care spending,” said Berg. “Food insufficiency severely hampers children’s emotional, intellectual, and physical development, and it strongly hinders the upward mobility of their parents. Therefore, ending child hunger is a prerequisite for truly fixing the U.S. economy and for significantly reducing poverty.”

In the coming weeks and months the movement will be planning national grassroots events across the nation to raise awareness about hunger in America, and what can be done to reverse America’s worsening hunger metrics.

For more information on A Place at the Table visit: http://www.takepart.com/place-at-the-table.