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Changes are Coming to SNAP (Food Stamps) on Nov 1

In 2009, when the federal government passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (also known as the Stimulus), it included temporary increases to SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits.  Since then, Congress has not voted for more funding to keep the increase.  You can learn more about this issue at www.stopthehungerclock.org.  We've also helped to prepare a flyer that anyone is free to download and use to help information themselves or clients they serve about the upcoming changes.  The amount of the cut is based on household size - here are the approximate amounts:

Household Size Monthly Benefit Lost
1 person -$11
2 people -$20
3 people -$29
4 people -$36

 Be Prepared: Changes are coming to SNAP (Food Stamps) on November 1 FAQ (PDF)