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AzFBN Appreciates Much-Needed Support from Governor Ducey & State Legislators

The Arizona Food Bank Network (AzFBN) and its member food banks are incredibly grateful to Governor Ducey and the Arizona State Legislature for including $1 million in the COVID-19 Crisis Contingency and Safety Net Fund, to support food bank operations. These resources will support food banks statewide as they rise to meet unprecedented need.

The state’s emergency relief fund also supports two other food-assistance programs: Double Up Food Bucks and Friends of the Farm. Each of these initiatives focuses on getting fresh, healthy produce to Arizonans in need.
“These funds provide meaningful assistance to food banks and the people they serve. In the first weeks of this national emergency, our food banks are already seeing nearly twice as many clients as usual, due in large part to layoffs and other effects of health precautionary measures,” said Angie Rodgers, President and CEO of AzFBN. “We know the impact right now of the pandemic on individuals struggling to put food on their tables and thank policymakers for their attention to this issue.”

About AzFBN during COVID-19: The Arizona Food Bank Netw
ork (AzFBN) is acting as a connector, working with member food banks every day to help with crisis response. These food banks—St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, United Food Bank, Yuma Community Food Bank, Desert Mission Food Bank, and Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona—are seeing increased need across the state. See more here.

For more information contact: Ashley St. Thomas, Public Policy Manager, Arizona Food Bank Network: 602-775-5035 or ashley@azfoodbanks.org