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AZ Candidates Hunger Positions

Arizona’s Congressional Candidates on Poverty, Hunger, & Other Basic Needs
Are you ready to vote in Arizona’s primary elections on August 28? Before you do, learn more about how Arizona’s Congressional candidates plan to address poverty, hunger, homelessness, healthcare, and other basic needs. Get informed here: Basic Needs Coalition Candidate Questionnaire.
The Basic Needs Coalition (BNC) is a diverse group of 14 statewide organizations representing thousands of nonprofits, community groups, and congregations, which, in turn, represent tens of thousands of individuals. We work collectively to build resilient communities and support low-income individuals and families. Together, we are aligned in stopping poverty before it starts.
AAFB is a founding member of the BNC, along with the Arizona Community Action Association, Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, Arizona Housing Coalition and Children’s Action Alliance, among other key partners. In July 2018, BNC provided the opportunity for all candidates to share their plans on how to address poverty and help struggling families.
AAFB and the Basic Needs Coalition do not endorse or oppose candidates. This questionnaire is intended to provide insight into respondents’ views on certain issues. You can read the full candidate questionnaire here.

Please visit the AAFB Election 2018 page.